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~East Coast Veterinary Solutions~

At East Coast Veterinary Solutions, we are here to simplify practice ownership. We believe owning a practice should be simple and bring a better work life balance to our industry.

Carly and her husband Michael Tajmir, DVM bring over 39 years of experience both in the private and corporate veterinary fields. Together they own a 5 star practice in Northeast Florida. They are passionate about helping the veterinary industry thrive in this challenging time by putting people first and changing the culture of the veterinary field. Their approach focuses on the behaviors that drive the numbers and marries medicine with business.

According to Forbes, "A strong culture attracts better talent and, more importantly, retains that talent. When people feel like they belong to an organization, they're more likely to stick around for the long term. That means lower turnover, fewer new hires to deal with, and better chemistry among your team."

Our team specializes in starting new practices and taking established practices to the next level. We assist practices with business planning, financial reviews, employee retention, architectural design, leadership development and marketing. 

Our goal is to make a lasting impact on how you do business.


"Carly and Michael's experience in leadership and practice management, toped with their attention to detail, focus on customer's needs and desire to cultivate positive change and growth is undeniably what makes them successful in not only their own practice, byt also helping others achieve desired results. Wether you are opening a new practice or seeking to take your practice to the next level, partnering with East Coast Veterinary Solutions will help you develop a clear and stress free path to the future you envision!"

Amber Lapointe, MBA
Assistant Director of Operations
LSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital

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